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Paraphilias are sexual interests in objects, situations, or individuals that are atypical. The american psychiatric association, in its diagnostic and statistical manual, fifth edition (dsm), draws a distinction between paraphilias (which it describes as atypical sexual interests) and paraphilic disorders (which additionally require the experience of distress or impairment in functioning). The word lesbian is also used for women in relation to their sexual identity or sexual behavior, regardless of sexual orientation, or as an adjective to characterize or associate nouns with female homosexuality or same-sex attraction. The concept of lesbian to differentiate women with a shared sexual orientation evolved in the 20th century. Sexual fetishism or erotic fetishism is a sexual fixation on a nonliving object or nongenital body part. The object of interest is called the fetish the person who has a fetish for that object is a fetishist. A sexual fetish may be regarded as a non-pathological aid to sexual excitement, or as a mental disorder if it causes significant psychosocial distress for the person or has detrimental. Armpit fetishism (also known as maschalagnia) is a partialism in which an individual is sexually attracted to armpits - something which may lead to axillism, or armpit intercourse. Those who have a mild fetish for armpits often enjoy kissing, tasting,. Media in category sexual fetishism the following 43 files are in this category, out of 43 total. This page contains videos and pictures (warningnsfw) that show what an anrabf lifestyle would potentially look like. A pregnancy is not necessary some ladies start the inducing process to increase their bust size or to become more intimate with their partner. Feel free to take a look at our relationship video page, anr stories and testimonials, and the picture gallery (warningnsfw). A footjob is a non-penetrative sexual practice with the feet that involves ones feet being rubbed on a partner in order to induce sexual excitement, stimulation or orgasm. Footjobs are most often performed on penises, with one partner using their feet or toes to stroke or rub the other partners genital area. This wiki was created as a location for stories about executions to be shared among interested readers. This is a one of a kind wiki that is unparalleled anywhere across the internet. I hope you enjoy it and please, feel free to contribute your own works! On this wiki you will find a plethora of erotic stories, all dealing with execution and torture. Foot fetishism is the most common form of sexual fetish related to the body. In august 2006, aol released a database of the search terms submitted by their subscribers. In ranking only those phrases that included the word fetish, it was found that the most common search was for feet. In bdsm, masterslave, ms or sexual slavery is a relationship in which one individual serves another in an authority-exchange structured relationship. Unlike dominantsubmissive structures found in bdsm in which love is often the core value, service and obedience are often the core values in masterslave structures.

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