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In a 2011 study, 30 of men reported fetishistic fantasies, and 24. Of those reporting fantasies, 45 said the fetish was intensely sexually arousing. 8 of men acknowledged any fantasies about having sex with a fetish or non-sexual object. What defines a fetish, though, isnt what the activity or object of desire is so much as the role it plays in someones life. A fetish is typically referred to as a behavior that someone cannot. Object sexuality or objectophilia is a form of sexual or romantic attraction focused on particular inanimate objects. Individuals with this attraction may have strong feelings of love and commitment to certain items or structures of their fixation. 46 sexual fetishes youve never heard of the following is a list of paraphilias, or sources of sexual arousal, discussed in perv the sexual deviant in all of us scientific american farrar, straus and giroux, 26. In his 2008 book on sexual pathologies, anil aggrawal compiled a list of 547 terms describing paraphilic sexual interests. He cautioned, however, that not all these paraphilias have necessarily been seen in clinical setups. This may not be because they do not exist, but because they are so innocuous they are never brought to the notice of clinicians or dismissed by them.

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