Basic Facts to Know About Chinese Firecrackers


Have you been thinking of buying firecrackers for the upcoming celebrations? Your decision might have been triggered by people talking about fireworks. These chinese firecrackers are a vital part of Chinese customs. The firecrackers are usually set off during Chinese New Year’s celebrations. They are typically colorful and beautiful. Alibaba offers fantastic deals and prices on Chinese firecrackers.

Things you should know about Chinese firecrackers

Many people know little about these products, as fundamental as they seem. We will let you know what they are, their importance during celebrations, and how you can apply them and enjoy the moments. Below are some details you should know about Chinese firecrackers.

What is a Chinese firecracker?

A firecracker is a small explosive producing noise in the form of a loud bang. It is typically used for celebration and entertainment. When the firecracker explodes, they create a visual effect similar to fireworks. These explosive devices are known as Chinese firecrackers because they were initially invented for religious celebrations by the Chinese. Therefore, their name can be attributed to their Chinese origin.

Why are Chinese firecrackers set off during New Year celebrations?

The Chinese do not celebrate the New Year like the rest of the world. They have specific customs for these celebrations. One of these customs is setting off firecrackers and fireworks. The firecrackers are set off at the stroke of midnight. The Chinese believe that the firecrackers help ward off evil spirits and usher in the New Year with peace. Most Chinese families also set off firecrackers in the morning on New Year’s Day. This practice symbolizes good luck throughout the New Year.

Other applications of Chinese firecrackers:

Traditionally, these firecrackers were only used during New Year celebrations. However, nowadays, they have numerous applications. For instance, they are used in almost all joyous celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. People also set off Chinese firecrackers when celebrating the launch of new businesses. While these firecrackers remain a staple in several Chinese festivals and religious celebrations, they have also become popular among other cultures and nations.

Are Chinese firecrackers safe?

While these devices are amusing and entertaining, they are not 100% safe. When you buy from the store, they come with details on how to use them safely. Firecrackers cause fires and injuries when mishandled. For this reason, most locations have local laws regarding the use of firecrackers. These laws ensure the safety of individuals and properties. For instance, local laws discourage people from setting off firecrackers in crowded areas.

Are Chinese firecrackers legal?

Yes, but there are also specific areas where firecrackers are entirely prohibited. For example, you should never use firecrackers in places with explosive materials. You can also practice firecracker safety by not allowing your kids to set them off without supervision. There are also age limits for using firecrackers; firecrackers should also not be placed in fragile containers or dropped on dry wood.


Firecrackers are available in various designs. The designs may differ on the colorful flames they produce. Alibaba offers indoor Chinese firecrackers that produce artificial flames and safe color.


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