Changing a Faulty Laptop Battery- DIY Steps


Your laptop battery is disappointing and you just can`t seem to find a good fix, we understand your pain. In most cases, once you have an issue with the original battery installed in your laptop, everything seems to head downhill from there. You could change the battery repeatedly. But all the following replacement just do not do the trick. This is a more common occurrence than you might be aware of. You are not alone in this annoying situation. However, you do not have to remain in said situation indefinitely. We are here to help you restore your laptop battery power to its original level.

Your laptops are portable because of the use of the HP Power batteries. But these are not everlasting. If the battery should develop a fault, do not despair. The batteries could be easily changed at any point. There are a lot of options open to you to select from.

How to go About Selecting the Right Laptop Battery

Simply knowing the brand of your laptop and its model is a good start. But it is far from enough if you want to select the right battery for your laptop.

1. The voltage of the battery, expressed in volts is very important. The most common battery volts for laptops are 14.4V and 10.8V. this information is extremely important. It would be wise not to continually exchange or alternate the voltage you use. Doing this continually might end up damaging the system for good. This would be counterproductive. Started with a battery problem and now, even the perfect battery would not be able to fix your problem. Kind of ironic, right?

2. The capacity of the battery. The higher the capacity, the longer the battery would be able to last. So one could say that the capacity of a battery is the storage ability of the said battery. Usually, there are about 108 cells in most laptops. The capacity is expressed as milliampere hours.

3. If you want to make the change on your own, you need to know how to take out the faulty battery. Some laptops have made this easy. Simply moving the side latches would do the job. But others require the use of screwdrivers. If you need a screwdriver, then be careful. Watch out for the wires and cables.

So far so good. You have a basic understanding required to either change the battery on your own or get professional help without being cheated.

Maintenance Practices for the Laptop Battery

Simply changing the battery is the first half of the journey. Without proper maintenance, even the most resilient battery would give out. So here are a few maintenance tips:

· Try to minimise the brightness to a medium level when possible.

· Turn off the wireless connections when not in use. These include the Bluetooth and WI-FI connections.

· When possible turn off the laptop. Putting it to sleep too often is not particularly “healthy” in this case.


At this point, you should know what you need to do. Remember that if you are using an HP battery endeavour to change to a similar model of HP battery. Find a trusted electronics store and purchase an original battery. Cheaper batteries might seem financially better but in the long run, you end up spending even more.


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