Dangers involved with using a furnace to melt metals


Having gold melting equipment is vital for every foundry making gold. However, it is crucial that you understand the dangers involved with using a furnace for any metal melting. Let’s check some of the dangers;

High levels of noise

Our ears have a limit on the noise they should take in at one go. A noise level of about 40 dB is always acceptable and not harmful. Once your noise levels go beyond this level, it becomes hazardous to your hearing.

In a furnace, the melting metal or the furnace can make very loud and sharp noises. These noises will have an effect on your hearing levels in the future.

A good way to avoid such hazards is to go far away when such noises are to occur or wear ear blockers.

High levels of heat

Melting any metal from its solid form to the liquid is a lot of heat naturally. Before you get to such levels of heat Furnaces employ different methods.

For some furnaces, it requires burning other items to increase the heat, while others work with a heat transfer.

Regardless, this heat level is nothing close to what a human should normally get exposed to.

Airborne disease

Most metals are never in their pure form. Of course, they usually have most constituents of the metal, but it has some other items.

For instance, gold could have 90% gold, and some particles of sulfur, helium, and chlorine. Melting this gold at high temperatures will mean releasing gases of sulfur and chlorine.

These gases are very dangerous to human health when you breathe them in. In any case, simple nose blockages like the nose mask and others will not work.

Radiations to skin

When there are high levels of heat and dangerous gases flying around, radiation is an imminent occurrence.

This radiation may be an optical one affecting your eyes. It can also affect your skin directly.

If you expose your skin to such radiation frequently, it is only a little time till cancer comes knocking.

Eye injuries

When melting occurs, particles may disperse at high speed. Some of these particles are so small for you to notice. Hence, they can come into the eyes and cause a lot of problems. Having strong and sturdy safety glasses may be enough to keep these particles out.

Falling object

Depending on the kind of furnace being run, there is a possibility that some items will be at a height. When this occurs, there is a lot of possibilities that an object may fall. That is why head injuries may occur at foundries.

You may also find people complain about hitting objects either on the floor.


Of course, there is a high demand for jewelry and other precious metals by many people. Hence, it is impossible to say all foundries should close down because of these dangers. But it is usually best to know about these dangers so you can plan before you start looking for a foundry. Of course, there are lots of processes to avoid these dangers. It all has to start from the design of the building housing this foundry. Thereafter, there must be strict safety procedures in place.


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