Honor Band 6 – A Complete Fitness Tracking Band You Should Not Ignore


Honor has traditionally sold fitness trackers along with its phones. The Honor Band 6 is the next tracker in the series.

The Honor Band 6’s design is somewhat understated. The tall and narrow touchscreen that integrates into the wristband keeps it from being a thorn in the side of your arm. Traditional watch crowns are replaced by a single physical button on the right side of the device. The display comes on when you do this, allowing you to see your watch face of choice and access the apps you’ve downloaded.

Honor Band 6 Easy Access to Apps and Other Features

Full-screen mode is activated by swiping either right or left, whereas a second press of the button brings up a list of all the other apps installed on the phone with their own icon images. The Band 6 is a fitness tracker rather than a smartwatch, at least in the manner many people anticipate a smartwatch to behave.

There is no opportunity to install third-party software. With only a music player control, notification reading capability, and a ‘Find my Phone’ alert feature, two-way communication between your smartphone and wrist is severely limited.

A Handful of Quality Apps

Data about a person’s health and fitness is automatically transferred. Fitness bands of days come with more than just the capacity to play music and get notifications. They also include a whole health app that runs on your smartphone.

Budget-Friendly Fitness Tracker

Band 6 sale is priced at $49. It is aimed at the budget fitness tracker market, so expectations should be low. In total, there are ten workout profiles to choose from. Six of them are dedicated to walking, cycling, and running. Other activities include swimming, ellipticals/rowers, and others. If you’re looking at the stats, you’ll see your step count, heart rate, and an estimated VO2 level.

Other Features of Honor Band 6 to Help Keep Track of Your Health

The pulse oximeter on the Band measures your blood’s oxygen saturation and saves the results to the app, but you have to activate it to receive a readout. The Honor Band 6’s software works hard to make the most of its sensors and provide value. The stress tracking in The Band appears to be based on heart rate.

For someone with epilepsy, sleep tracking is critical to keeping the condition under control. Scientific precision cannot be provided by a wrist-based tracker, but the Honor Band 6 uses a sleep tracking technology that has been used in other Honor fitness products.

One of the benefits of having a battery life of almost two weeks on a single charge is the ability to track sleep without worrying about charging overnight. The Band will notify you if it requires recharging. Fully recharging the battery takes slightly over an hour (Honor suggests 80 minutes from completely draining, with a 10-minute charge that will last around three days of life).

The period-tracking calendar on the Honor Band 6 gives you a better picture of your health because it shows you when you’re most fertile and compares all of your data in one spot.

Final Thoughts

Honor Band 6 can compete with the best smartwatches on the market with its processing power and numerous sensors. For someone who is looking for a lower-cost alternative may find this tracker quite appealing. The $49 price tag on this fitness band is a steal, especially when you consider the features it offers.

So, if you are looking for a fitness tracker that can do more than just count your steps record your heart rate and route while walking, this is a very good option.


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