How to Tell If Your USB-C to Lightning Cable Is Certified


USB-C to lightning cable is a cable with a USB-C port on one end and a lightning port on the other end. These cables are gaining popularity quickly, and you can purchase them online at Ugreen. Most people find it easier to visit site online than to look for physical phone accessory shops to purchase their preferred USB-C to lightning cables. But you don’t just buy the cables blindly, go for certified USB-C to lightning cables; it is the best choice you could make. Why is that so, and how can you confirm the certification?

What to look for to be sure you buy a certified USB-C to lightning cable

Are you buying the USB-C to lightning cable for the first time and confused about how to access the proof of certification? You might be buying the cables in bulk, and you can’t risk buying blindly and getting frustrated. Below are the qualities and things to check on in your certified USB-C to lightning cable for your Apple gadget.

The MFI Logo

All certified USB-C to lightning cables come with an MFI logo. This logo shows that the accessory is an authentic product by certified stores. Phone accessories only receive the MFI logo if they have met the right standards. Before receiving the logo, they also go through various tests to check their audio, security, durability, and quality. Therefore, the MFI logo means that the cable is perfect for your phone and other compatible devices. You will notice the MFI logo on the packaging or find it attached to the cable.

The serial number

You can also tell if a USB-C to lightning cable is certified by checking its serial number. Every brand’s product comes with a unique serial number. The number is usually printed on the cable or the package. Most manufacturers have legit serial numbers, and you can check their authenticity upon request. An authentic serial number guarantees that the product is manufactured and tested.

The special chip

Certified USB-C to lightning cables also come with a special chip inside them. The chip is usually sandwiched between the USB connection and the power pin. Its purpose is to ensure the normal functioning of the cable. It also helps protect it from getting damaged or damaging your phone. Some USB-C to lightning cables do not have this chip inside them.


You can also tell if a cable is certified and authentic by checking its durability. Certified cables are typically made of premium materials when compared to normal cables. They also feature sturdy and elegant designs. Additionally, most of them are made with strong ports on both ends. The cable’s soft but quality material makes them flexible and highly durable. The same cannot be said about uncertified cables.


Using an uncertified USB-C to lightning cable can be dangerous. It can damage your Apple phone and fail to function as it would. It may also not work with your gadget. Therefore, you should look out for the qualities above when choosing a certified cable.


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