Product Suggestions For Indoor LED Commercial Lighting


The Indoor LED commercial lighting are designed for use in commercial areas like departmental stores, factories, malls, manufacturing units, stadiums, gyms, and many more places. They have unique features which enable them in lighting up such wide areas for a long period of them.

Indoor LED lights are a better choice for commercial purposes as they consume less energy, subsequently reducing annual energy costs. The stylish LEDs give an elegant and modern look to the interiors of the buildings. Some of the LED indoor commercial light types include Recessed Lights, LED Strip Lights, Emergency LED lights, Exit sign LED lights, etc.

LED Indoor Commercial Lights Types

Here are some of the popularly used Indoor LED lights for commercial purposes:

1. Recessed Lights

The recessed lights are light, durable, energy efficient, and fitted in low ceilings for better lighting and decorative purposes. They are used in offices, hotels, malls, or other commercial areas as they give a modern and appealing look.

These recessed LEDs are available in a variety of specifications like bulb shape, bulb type, color temperature, and dimmable to choose from. They have a wider variety of trims and are often inexpensive.

2. Exit Sign LED Lights

The Exit sign LED light is usually bright in color, with EXIT written on it, and used for the emergency exit door. According to government rules and regulations, it is mandatory to use Exit sign LED lights in all commercial areas. The main purpose of these lights is to show the exit doorway in case of any emergencies.

They are available in double-sided red, green colored letters, dual head with red or green letters. The batteries used in these LEDs are lighter, making them long-lasting and maintenance-free.

3. Emergency LED Lights For Indoor Commercial Use

The Emergency led lights are installed for safety purposes in buildings, hospitals, warehouses, and other commercial areas. The emergency LEDs can be fixed in ceilings or walls. These LEDs are installed to provide light for safe wayfinding to the emergency exits during any emergencies. These LEDs are made of high-quality material for long-lasting, better durability, and less maintenance.

4. LED Strip Lights

Commercial LED lights are used for illumining commercial areas like hospitals, warehouses, schools, malls, etc. The commercial strips are somewhat similar to the domestic strips but differ in size and capacity.

The commercial strips are brighter and more powerful as they are used for bigger spaces. They are fixed in structured frames for protection from water, moisture, dust, etc., and longer lifespan. The commercial strips also have higher Color Rendering Index and superior quality Resistors for better durability.

How Do I Buy These Lights From Revolveled?

You can buy these lights from Revolve led by following the below steps:

  1. Open the website
  2. You can search for any specific product in the search bar or choose from the list of products
  3. Under the OUTDOOR LIGHTING section, you can find various options like LED Wall Pack, LED Canopy lights, and many more.
  4. Similarly, under INDOOR LIGHTING you can find various options like LED Bay lights, LED panel and troffer lights, and more.
  5. You can also Shop by application, lighting layout, and even get special discounts.
  6. Choose your required product and add it to your cart.
  7. Place your order by entering all the required details and completing payment.


Revolve LED has a wide collection of Indoor LED lights, used for commercial purposes. The collections include LED Emergency Lights, Exit Sign LED lights, Recessed Lighting Products, LED Strip lights, and many more. Visit the website of Revolve led to choose required the LED light and place your order today.


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