Rock auger bullet teeth in drilling


Rock auger bullet teeth are a type of cutting tool used in drilling through rock formations. These teeth are designed to withstand the high compressive strength and abrasiveness of rock and other hard materials, and are typically made from high-quality steel with tungsten carbide inserts for added durability and wear resistance.

Shape and design:

Rock auger bullet teeth typically have a conical or bullet-shaped tip that is sharp and pointed, allowing them to penetrate the rock surface and break it apart. The teeth are designed to be highly resistant to wear and tear, which means they can maintain their cutting edge for longer periods of time than other types of auger teeth.


One of the key advantages of using rock auger bullet teeth in drilling is their ability to penetrate hard rock formations more easily and quickly than other types of teeth. The sharp tip and strong steel construction of these teeth make them highly effective at breaking through even the toughest rock surfaces, allowing for faster and more efficient drilling.

Common uses:

Rock auger bullet teeth are commonly used in the mining, drilling, and construction industries for a variety of applications, including drilling blast holes, core sampling, geotechnical drilling, and more. They are also used in environmental drilling for soil and groundwater sampling, and in oil and gas drilling for exploration and extraction.

Moreover, rock auger bullet teeth are a highly effective cutting tool for drilling through rock and other hard materials, and are an essential tool for anyone working in the mining, drilling, or construction industries.

Types of rock auger bullet teeth:

There are several types of rock auger bullet teeth, each designed to suit specific drilling conditions and applications. Here are some of the most common types:

Conical teeth:

Conical teeth are the most commonly used type of rock auger bullet teeth. They have a conical shape with a pointed tip, which makes them ideal for drilling through hard and abrasive materials like rock and concrete.

Flat teeth:

Flat teeth have a flat surface with a sharp edge and are designed for cutting through soft to medium-hard rock formations.

Round shank chisel teeth:

Round shank chisel teeth are used in drilling hard rock formations. They have a long shank with a chisel-shaped tip that can chip away at the rock.

Flat shank teeth:

Flat shank teeth are designed for drilling in hard and abrasive soil conditions. They have a flat shank with a sharp cutting edge that can penetrate the ground and cut through rocks and other hard materials.

Rotary teeth:

Rotary teeth are used in drilling through hard and abrasive rock formations. They have a unique design that allows them to rotate while drilling, which helps to reduce wear and tear on the teeth and increases drilling efficiency.

Wear caps:

Wear caps are used to protect the tips of the rock auger bullet teeth from excessive wear and tear. They are made of a harder material than the teeth themselves and can be easily replaced when they become worn.

Overall, the type of rock auger bullet teeth used depends on the specific drilling conditions and the type of material being drilled. Choosing the right type of teeth for the job is essential to ensure efficient and effective drilling


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