Spiderman lift – a suitable platform for the right job


A spider man lift is a self-propelled lift having a boom-type design. Most industries use it to lift lightweight equipment and to perform various jobs. Spider lift is also known as atrium lift. You can efficiently perform the ariel jobs with the help of its four stabilizer legs. These legs provide stability and precision to the lift. The feature that distinguishes the lift from other ordinary lifts is 360-degree rotation. The height capacity or limit for this lift can range between 49-160 feet. It is evident that you don’t have to worry if your job is to work outside or inside tall buildings. Because you will get stability and versatility, many industrial and construction site problems can be solved by using this lift. Let’s look in detail at the spider lift, its types, and applications.

Types of spider man lift

There are two main types of spider man lift, wheel boom lift and crawler lift.

· Wheel boom lift

The wheel boom lifts are recommended on uneven grounds or terrain as this lift contains wheels.

· Crawler boom lift

This lift has a rubber track and is lightweight compared to a wheel boom lift. You can quickly move it around the workplace or site.

Where can you use the spider man lift?

The most common use of spider man lifts for general construction, public utilities, window fitters, tree trimming, building maintenance, and inside and outside structures for various industries and buildings. The best thing about this lift is that you can use it for interior jobs, as it can move around the circumference if you have placed it on the pivot point. It does not take up a lot of space for storage. That’s why it is compact in nature.

Benefits of spider man lift

There are diverse applications for which spider man lifts can be used.

  • Set up for different terrains
  • Easy access to narrow spaces
  • Compact design and light

Difference between the spider lift and boom lift

Let’s discuss the difference between these two ariel work platforms given below.

· Spider lift

You can use it for light-duty applications, and it can be operated using diesel or hydraulically. Moreover, it is suitable for indoor use and the right choice for interior flooring and flora maintenance. At last, it can rotate in 360 direction.

· Boom lift

The boom lift is used to perform heavy-duty applications. The source for this lift to operate can be diesel or batteries. Unlike spider lift, it is suitable for outdoor working applications. This lift is beneficial for complex sites where it is not easy to reach.


As you are now aware of the benefits, applications, and features of a spider lift, you can now decide whether you want to buy it or not. The price of a spider man lift can vary based on the type and height. However, if you want to rent the spider lift, the cost can be different based upon the intensity of operations and the number of days for rental.


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