Teaching with Joyusing Document Camera Without Using a Computer


When corona virus started spreading in the world, physical classes were shut down to curb the spread of the deadly virus. Something people never expected to see was the introduction of zoom classes even in the lowest levels of education systems. These online classes have been there before but today, teachers are using this method to conduct their teaching activities. When you are conducting a virtual classroom for instance, document cameras are the most important tools you will need for you to able to have your content displayed clearly. Remember, if content can not be displayed clearly, then the learning process will become hard to students.

With this special technology, many teachers who have been using wireless document camera for classroom are actually saying that they use them without any limits throughout the day. Surprisingly, document cameras have high resolutions to an extend that you can take pictures or record videos using them. In this guide, you are going to find out every important detail about wireless document cameras for classroom and even where you can find them anytime you need one.

What Is a Wireless Document Camera?

You may be wondering what a document camera is but here is the answer you are looking for. A document camera is a device with the ability to project and magnify paper notes, objects and other transparencies. People descry be it as being similar to the old overhead projector that was used in the past but this is a modern tool for teaching.

How Does It Work?

The document camera takes pictures of whatever object is placed under it which is then projected as a live picture that can be viewed by many people at once. Some schools have mounted document cameras on the ceiling to give them maximum working space for projecting and magnifying photos.

What to consider before buying a wireless document camera

There are several things you can put in mind before making important decisions like buying a wireless document camara as listed below.

  1. Movement

There is an important question; How often are you going to be moving your document camera from one classroom to another if you will not be able to afford one for each classroom? If this is actually the case, then consider buying a portable document camera that can be frequently moved from one place to another without damaging it.

  1. Light

Many document cameras works efficiently when the light is dim and others are equipped with sources of lights which means they need a lot of light to work efficiently.

  1. Size

Does the size of your document camera affect your teaching operations? Well, you understand that buying a big document camera will require a lot of space for installation and if it is not well-set, it will be impossible to use it. Having enough space will enable you to have various options in mind when it comes to document camera sizes for buying. Good news is that there are a many different sizes of document cameras you can choose from.

Examples of wireless document cameras that you can use without a computer include: ipevo do-cam, aver U50 and inswan ins-1. If you are a virtual teacher looking for Document cameras for teaching purposes, then joyusing.com is the best place for getting everything you need.


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