Basic Guide about Components of a 3kw Solar System


When we heard about solar systems than mainly we assume a solar panel that allows us to run our home appliances using solar energy. But the truth is that there is a lot to know about a solar system. Before you step out to buy a solar system for your house, it will be a better choice to have basic knowledge about all the main components of a solar system.

Although there will be a difference in the solar system parts taken from different brands their working will remain the same. These components will also help you in the installation of a 3kw solar system kit at your home. You will get enough information about all the solar system components from the given mentioned article.

Main Components of 3kw Solar System

Beginners need to know basic data about the 3kw solar system fitted on their home rooftop. It’s not only important for the maintenance of a solar system but will also let you resolve a tiny issue if creates in it. Given is the detailed discussion on the most important components of a 3kw solar system.

Solar Panels

One of the appearing components of a solar system is its panels hence every common person has information about it and its working. You may have noticed while walking in a street that now every third home roof has a solar system. The solar panels work by generating DC electricity when the light of the sun falls on the panel.

Solar Inverters

Another essential part of a solar system is the inverters. The DC electricity produced by the inverters is further transformed into 240 V AC electricity. This electricity is then used to power the appliances of our home. This component of a solar system is designed in such a way that it will work continuously till the last period of the solar system.

Solar Batteries

To store the energy that is produced during the daytime is stored in batteries and will help in powering the appliances at home when the system stops getting sunlight. This component of a solar system proved to be very helpful for those who want to take advantage of the system at night. Moreover, it is very beneficial when the weather is rainy or cloudy.

Disconnect Switches

The other most important component of a solar system is the disconnected switches. They are designed in such a way that the system will be disconnected as soon as they are pressed. These are used at the time of repair.

Equipment for Monitoring

Monitoring equipment is used to display different kinds of information like readings, failure detection, and statistics regarding energy efficiency. These monitoring tools will help us to know better about our system.


The interconnection between the components of a solar system is ensured by the use of reliable wiring. Moreover, wiring is important so that the energy can be transferred from one component of the system to the other. Copper or aluminium wires are generally recommended as they are intended to transmit AC or DC.

Mounting System

The component of a solar system that contributes to attaching our solar panel to the roof of our house is its mounting or racking. You can buy the racks from any reliable brand and this will help you to keep the panel safe and sound. You can choose to use ground mounts that will sink into the ground or roof mounts that will be screwed into the rafters.

Sum Up

When getting a solar system for a house then its components are of the same importance that the system itself. If you have hired a professional for its installation then it’s good but still, you will feel a need to interact with its components. In such a situation, your knowledge about the 3kw solar system will remain beneficial for you.


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